Paolo Zanarella

He was born in Campo San Martino, province of Padua, on 09 October 1968. Always passionate about music, as a self-taught he began playing the piano at the age of nine, immediately studying the compositional patterns of melodic music and polyphony . He has always paid particular attention to the musical models of European classicism and their structural dynamics, drawing continuous inspiration for his compositions. However, the paths of life led him to remain self-taught: he did not therefore obtain any academic qualification as the Conservatory.

The challenge of composition first, that of improvisation then, immediately became its most authentic and effective form of expression in an enthusiastic search for harmonious forms in which listening becomes very often intuitive and immediate.

From 1988 after a musical publication with the Edizioni Paoline numerous compositions for piano and organ, songs and polyphonic pieces for choir will follow, until the presentation in 1999 of the musical: “The road to success” written for the theater company Giovani Musical.

At the same time, he loves to devote himself to musical improvisation in the world of theatrical reading, refining a compositional technique that will soon become a new way of presenting his piano music to the public. It will be from this experience that since 2008 he proposes himself in theaters with the show-concert “The piano listens to you” as the only protagonist as composer, performer and performer.

Since 2009, perhaps driven more by a slight spirit of provocation than innovation, thanks to his mechanical patent, Paolo Zanarella brings the half-tailed piano out of the usual contexts of entertainment: thus “Il Pianista Fuori posto” which would be “The pianist out of place” was born, reaching places also unthinkable , transforming even the strangest corners of a small town or large city into a theater. This adventure opens a new page of personal, social and musical history!

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